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Here are the detailed descriptions, requirements, and responsibilities for each staff rank!

πŸ‘‘ Admin
Admins have the most extensive powers and responsibilities. They are trusted to handle any situation and maintain the server's stability.

- Must be 18+.
- Demonstrated leadership abilities.
- Extensive knowledge of Minecraft and server rules.
- Active participation on the server and regular presence on Discord.
- Prior experience in moderating a Minecraft server is desirable.

- Ensure the server's stability and safety.
- Handle serious rule violations, including issuing permanent bans.
- Manage, guide, and support other staff members.
- Actively listen to the community and make improvements to the server.
- Resolve any server technical issues or direct them to the appropriate party.

πŸ›‘ Moderator
Moderators oversee the community's behavior, ensuring rules are followed, and maintaining a positive environment.

- Must be 16+.
- Good knowledge of Minecraft and server rules.
- Active participation on the server.
- Ability to handle situations maturely and calmly.

- Enforce server rules and maintain a positive environment.
- Handle rule violations, including issuing temporary bans or warnings.
- Assist players with their issues and queries.
- Report serious issues to the admins.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§ Helper
Helpers are generally the first point of contact for players. They are knowledgeable about the server and help players with their queries and issues.

- Must be 14+.
- Good knowledge of Minecraft and server rules.
- Active participation on the server.
- Excellent communication skills and a friendly demeanor.

- Answer player queries and provide assistance.
- Enforce server rules and issue warnings when necessary.
- Report rule violations to the moderators or admins.
- Foster a positive community atmosphere.

πŸ— Builder
Builders are the creative artists of our server. They create captivating structures and environments that make our server appealing and engaging to players.

- Must be 14+.
- Demonstrated proficiency in building within Minecraft.
- Active participation on the server.
- Ability to work within team-based projects.

- Construct, modify, and maintain server structures such as spawn points, towns, and event locations.
- Assist in planning and designing future construction projects.
- Report any structural issues or improvement suggestions to the admin team.
- Support other players with building advice and guidelines when necessary.

Apply for staff positions at http://protectorscraft.us/apply/ if you meet the requirements.Β Need to be logged in to apply.