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Welcome to ProtectorsCraft's rules page!
Here you can see our rules, as well as apply for Staff, report a player/bug, or appeal a ban.

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Discord Rules:

1. Respect All Players: Treat everyone, including staff, with respect and kindness.
2. No Spamming: Text spam, repeated messages, and unnecessary mentions are not allowed.
3. No Advertising: Do not advertise. Advertising other discord servers, items worth in real life currency, or posting sketchy/dangerous links are forbidden.
4. Filter Bypass: Don't try to bypass the filter. We have a filter for a reason. If you try to bypass the filter, you may be muted.
5. Appropriate Comments: Keep all comments appropriate and relevant. Like our first rule says, you have to be respectful to everyone. This also means that you need to be appropriate in chat.
6. No NSFW Content: Please do not post links, images, or discussions considered to be NSFW.
7. Username: Keep your name appropriate. If your username contains material we find to be inappropriate, we'll ask you to change it before issuing a kick. You can rejoin the server once you've changed it. If it happens multiple times, you won't be able to join back.
8. IGN in Profile: It is preferred to have your IGN as a note in your profile or as a nickname on Discord to keep track.
9. Channel Usage: Use the correct Discord channels for specific topics or forms of discussion.
10. The Staff Team's Word Is Final: If a staff member tells you to stop doing something, you should immediately stop before they have to take action such as a mute. Just because a rule is not listed here doesn't mean that you're free to do it.
11. No Tagging Staff: Refrain from unnecessarily tagging staff members in the server.
12. No Private Messaging Staff: Refrain from private messaging staff for server-related issues or questions. If you need help or have inquiries, ask in the ⁠#general chat or open a ticket using the ⁠#ticket-support channel.
13. Sensitive Topics: Avoid discussing politics, religion, and other sensitive subjects to maintain a pleasant environment.

Please Note: We do not like having to implement penalties on our players, but each staff member knows the rules and will fully enforce them.
In-Game Rules:

1. Respect: Treat all players with respect.
2. No Discrimination: No racist, sexist, or other discriminatory remarks are allowed.
3. Follow Staff Instructions: Please listen to the staff.
4. No Spamming: Avoid sending multiple or irrelevant messages at once.
5. No Advertising: Promoting other servers or products is not allowed.
6. No Trolling/Flaming: Harassment and negative behavior towards other players is not allowed.
7. No Griefing: Griefing is prohibited within claimed lands.
8. Land Owner Rights: If a land owner doesn't want you on their own land, please leave. 
9. Land Claims: If a land is not claimed then it's free real estate, including whatever you may find on the land.
10. Land Claim Proximity: No claims within 100 blocks of another, unless with the owner's permission. Evidence of permission may be required. This allows space for expansion and privacy.
11. Requesting From Staff: Please do not ask for OP, ranks, or special items.
12. Chat Filter Bypass: Don't try to bypass the blocked words chat filter. We have a filter for a reason. If you keep bypassing the filter, you may be temporarily muted or warned.
13. TP Requests Etiquette: Continuously sending teleport requests without a valid reason or with the intent to annoy/harass another player is not allowed. Respect teleport declines.
14. No TP Trap Killing: Teleporting players into traps with the intent to kill is prohibited.
15. Account Limitations: Max 3 accounts per player (1 main, 2 alts). For shared internet connections, this applies individually, but must be proven. Alts solely for crate keys and tier rewards are prohibited. Additionally, using alts for kill farming is strictly prohibited.
16. Exploits: Report any game-breaking bugs or exploits to staff immediately; do not take advantage of them.
17. Cheats: Mods/Hacks or resource packs that give clear advantages are not allowed. This includes duping and x-ray. We have created our Anticheat System as well as our Staff System in a way that when we detect cheats, instead of automatically banning, the player is warned, kicked and asked to turn off the hack. If the player keeps hacking, after 4 kicks and warns, they will be banned for 30 minutes, after 5th time banned for 5 hours, 6th time banned for 7 days, 7th time for banned 1 month, and for the 8th time it will be a permanent ban unless the staff remove the ban if it is appealed with good reasoning. We are fairly lenient and give plenty of chances to hackers and modders to turn off their cheats.
18. Economic Fairness: To maintain a balanced and enjoyable game experience for all, players are discouraged from giving excessive amounts of money, items, or resources to others without a fair exchange. This includes, but is not limited to, giving large sums of money or valuable items to new players that significantly reduce their need to participate in the game's progression or grind to earn it themselves. While generosity is appreciated, it should not disrupt the natural game progression or give some players an unfair advantage over others.

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules can result in a temporary/permanent mute or ban.
Please Note: We do not like having to implement penalties on our players, but each staff member knows the rules and will fully enforce them.

Staff Rules:

1. Responsibility: Be responsible with the privileges you are given as a staff member.
2. Item Control: Do not spawn blocks or items for other players.
3. Legit Trading: When trading, only buy and sell legitimate items.
4. Building Assistance: Help with building for other players using only legitimate items and blocks.
5. Power Use: Don't abuse your power.
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