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Summer Vibes, Server Enhancements, and CodeSolutions
3 minute read

Hello Protectors!

We hope you’re all enjoying your summer adventures. It’s been a while since our last update, but we’ve got another round of improvements and enhancements to ProtectorsCraft. Let’s dive into what’s new!

⚙️ Minecraft Version Updates:

  • JAVA Version Update: Players on JAVA can now join with version 1.20.6!

  • Bedrock Version Update: Players using Bedrock version 1.20.81 can now join our server!

🌟 Feature Additions and Command Updates:

  • New Chestshop Commands:

    • Use /chestshop suggestprice to get a suggested price for items in your shop, based on pricing in other shops.

    • Transfer ownership of your shop with /chestshop transferownership [player].

  • ProtectorGPT Command Update:

    • The command has been changed from /gpt to /ai.

    • Added /ai toggle to enable or disable ProtectorGPT automatically answering your questions in chat.

☀️ Seasonal Updates:

  • Summer Spawn: The spawn area has been updated to a vibrant summer theme!

🛠️ GUI Enhancements:

  • Minions GUI: Check out our fully revamped Minions GUI for an improved interaction.

  • Crates GUI Menu: We’ve significantly improved the crates GUI menu for a smoother experience.

 Custom Enchantments:

  • Detonate Enchantment: Added level 6 for the detonate custom enchantment, with a 100% chance of destruction in a 3x3 block area.

  • Guardian Enchantment: The summoned Iron Golem will now display the owner’s name.

💬 Community Interaction:

  • Staff Chat Color Coding: All staff members will now include their respective staff text color when typing in chat.

  • ProtectorGPT NPC: Replaced the parkour NPC at spawn with ProtectorGPT for server-related inquiries.

  • Auction House Announcements: Public announcements will now be made in-game when items are listed for sale in the Auction House.

⛔️ Fixes and Adjustments:

  • Mob Arena Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with Enderman and Shulker were teleporting out of the mob arena, which caused the Mob Arena game to freeze.

  • Armor Stands: Fixed an issue with unbreakable armor stands.

📉 Removed Features:

  • KOTH and Duel Mode: Both modes have been removed due to inactivity. They may be reintroduced based on player interest in the future.

📢 Announcing CodeSolutions:

  • I’d like to announce that the developer behind many of our custom plugins and I have started CodeSolutions. Our goal overtime is to make the unique and custom-made plugins that power ProtectorsCraft available to the public, as well as other completely unique plugins. We’ve recently released our first plugin, ServerAssistantAI, which brings the power of ProtectorGPT to other servers. It’s been in the works for several months and is fully production-ready and available on all popular Minecraft plugin platforms like SpigotMC, BuiltByBit, and Polymart.

  • Now that there is not much of a regular playerbase in ProtectorsCraft, I thought that other server owners could benefit from the unique plugins I had commissioned for our own server. If you’re interested in staying updated with CodeSolutions’ developments, feel free to join our Discord!

We hope you enjoy these new updates and thank you for being a valued member of the ProtectorsCraft community. Keep crafting, and most importantly, keep protecting!

Helpful Links:
Commands Wiki: http://protectorscraft.us/wiki/commands
Custom Enchantments Wiki: https://protectorscraft.us/wiki/custom-enchantments

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