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PVP Overhaul, New EXP System, Armor Edits, and Much More in ProtectorsCraft!
5 minute read

Hello Protectors!

We’re excited to share some new updates and improvements on ProtectorsCraft! From new systems to enhanced features, there’s a lot to explore. Let’s get into it!

🌟 New System Additions:

  • Bottled EXP System: Convert your XP into XP Bottles with ease. Use commands like /bottle stats/bottle get, and more for efficient XP management.
  • Armor Stand Editor System: Customize armor stand poses with a simple click using flint to open the Armor Editor Menu.

⚔️ PVP Changes:

  • Keep Inventory Disabled in PVP Warps: In the new PVP warps, Keep Inventory has been disabled. Players will be required to confirm when teleporting to the PVP warps with /tpconfirm to acknowledge this before proceeding with the teleport request.

🏆 Tournament Updates:

  • Weekly Tournament Rewards Revised: We’ve updated the rewards for our weekly tournaments. These are the new rewards for the top 3 positions:
    • 1st Place: • 1x Legendary Crate Key • 1x Mythical Crate Key • 1x Spawner Crate Key • $10,000 Dollars
    • 2nd Place: • 1x Mythical Crate Key • 1x Spawner Crate Key • $7,500 Dollars
    • 3rd Place: • 1x Mythical Crate Key • $5,000 Dollars
  • Leaderboard Rule Change: To maintain fair play, only 1 account per player is allowed on each of the leaderboards. Additional accounts will be removed before the tournament ends.

⚙️ System and GUI Enhancements:

  • Player Warp Enhancements: Lock your warp with /pwarp lock and add passwords with /pwarp password.
  • Emojis in Chat: Discover and use emojis in chat. Type /emojis to see the available keywords.
  • Real Name Chat Placeholder: Use [realname] in chat to display your username.
  • XP Command: Check your XP easily with the /xp command.
  • Custom Enchantment Info: Use /enchantinfo (enchantment) to learn about custom enchantments, their descriptions, and max levels.
  • Toggleable Message Options: Use /toggle to show/hide chat, join, quit, and other notifications in chat.
  • Multiple Pages Help Commands: /gettingstarted/chatplaceholders/availableclaimflags commands now include multiple pages instead of all in one large page.
  • Updated Rules Command: /rules includes multiple pages for easier navigation instead of all in one large page.
  • Improved Tablist: The tab list is a lot more cleaner and doesn’t take up as much space as before, along with shortened announcements.
  • Scoreboard Aesthetics: Further improved the scoreboard for a sleeker look. Emojis are now aligned, and each line includes distinct colors.
  • New /vote GUI: Reworked the vote GUI menu to give information about all voting sites, voting leaderboard, vote shop, and more.
  • Improved Auction House: Enhanced menu and formatting for a better auction experience.
  • Timed Chat Announcement Improvements: Reworked the announcement format and design for a cleaner look in chat.
  • Gradient Rank Prefixes: Updated donator and staff ranks prefix format. They now have a gradient, bold, and capitalized style, making them stand out.
  • Crate Chances Fixed: Adjusted crate chances to a total of 100% and updated the crate items list in the online store with chances. Also updated the food crate material to Steak instead of a Bucket.
  • Mentions with Nicknames: Mention others in chat using @nickname.
  • Hoverable Player Names and Prefixes: Get more info in chat prefixes and private message players easily by hovering over names in chat.
  • Tab-Complete in Whisper: Added tab-complete to player names when using the whisper command for quicker and easier messaging.
  • Ignore Command Update: Now toggleable. No need for an unignore command anymore.
  • Custom Enchantments Slot Increasers: Find +1 slot increasers in loot scattered throughout the world and in villager trades to expand custom enchantment slots on items from 6 up to 8 slots.
  • New Discord Wiki Page: View our unique Discord systems and features at ProtectorsCraft Discord Wiki.
  • Wiki Visual Guides: Added images to the wiki for a better understanding of in-game Systems and GUIs.

⛔️ Fixes and Adjustments:

  • Sell Item Update: Slightly increased diamond and emerald sell prices.
  • Spawner Duplication Fix: Removed illegally obtained spawners and fixed the glitch that caused it.
  • Chat Format Fix: Color formats in chat are no longer usable, they were never supposed to be usable and it was a bug.
  • Discord Integration Fixes: Fixed showing in-game items on ⁠#showoff and ⁠#bot-commands Discord channels.
  • Non-working Vote Site Replaced: Replaced broken vote site with new one.
  • New Vote Command Alias: Added vote command aliases /vpoints/vshop, and /vtoggle.
  • Land Claim Rule Change: Proximity rule for land claims now reduced to 100 blocks.
  • Item Rename Limit: /rename command now has a 16-character limit.
  • Cosmetics Command Fix: Resolved issues with cosmetic alias commands like /dj and /banners not functioning.
  • Plugin Prefix Changes: Aligned prefix formats and colors across the server for a unified look.
  • Fixed Nether RTP Issue: No more teleporting to the nether roof during random teleport.
  • Punishments for Advertising: Punishments are now in place for in-game advertising.
  • Toggleable /fly Command: Now you can easily switch your flight mode on and off.
  • Display Optimization: To declutter your screen:
  • In both the tablist and chat, if a player has a tag equipped along with a donator rank, the player rank (Coal, Iron, etc) will not be displayed.
  • For player tag prefixes above names, only the donator rank will be visible instead of both donator and player ranks.
  • Welcome Message Shortened: We’ve made the first join welcome message more shorter and concise.

🛠️ Claim Expiration System, Mob Limits, and Item Limits Implemented:

  • Claim Expiration System: Enabled claim expirations, claims will be removed after 180 days of inactivity, unless the claim owner has 50,000 total or 10,000 bonus claim blocks.
  • Item and Mob Limit Implementations:
    • Mob Limits: Axolotl (12) and Villager (32) limits within a 9 chunk radius added.
    • Item Limits: Max of 8 Hopper Minecarts, 32 Redstone Repeaters, 32 Hoppers, and 96 Redstone Dust per chunk added. Existing placements unaffected.
    • Note: If a chunk within your claim exceeds the new max item limit, they will not be deleted and function as they should, however we encourage you to reduce the amount to this new amount, since having too many of these items can use up a significant amount of resources.

⚠️ Temporary Changes:

  • Haste Custom Enchantment Disabled: Temporarily disabled due to server crash issues. It will be back soon!
  • 3x3 Perk Disabled: Temporarily removed due to server crash issues.

As always, we’re committed to making your experience on ProtectorsCraft the best it can be. Thank you for being a part of our journey, keep protecting, and happy crafting!

Helpful Links:

Commands Wiki: http://protectorscraft.us/wiki/commands
Server Mechanics Wiki: https://protectorscraft.us/wiki/server-mechanics
Discord Wiki: https://protectorscraft.us/wiki/discord

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