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Visit New Realms: ProtectorsCraft's Latest World Expansions And System Enchancements
3 minute read

Hello Protectors!
We're back with another exciting update announcement, packed with new features, enhancements, and fixes to improve your ProtectorsCraft experience. Here's what's new and updated:

  • World & Resource Management:
    • New World Borders:
      • Normal Overworld: 32,000 blocks in each direction.
      • Normal Nether World: 4,000 blocks in each direction.
      • Normal End World: 10,000 blocks in each direction.
      • Resource Worlds (Overworld, Nether, End): 5,000 x 5,000 blocks, resets weekly.
      • Plot World: 2,000 x 2,000 blocks.
    • Brand New Resource Worlds Setup: Access them with /rtp, /wild. We also added dedicated commands to teleport right to a specific world.
    • Plot World Claims: Removed the ability to claim and deleted existing claims.
    • 1.20.50 Bedrock Support: Added support for the latest Bedrock version.
    • Christmas Style Theme at Spawn: Celebrate the festive season with a newly decorated spawn area!
    • Game Hub Relocation: Now within the new border range.
  • System & Command Changes:
    • Quick Access Commands: Use /survivalworld, /nether, /end, /plotworld, /resourceend, /resourceworld, /resourcenether for fast travel to each world.
    • Nether World RTP: Added random teleportation to the normal and resource Nether worlds.
    • Chestshop Discord Notifications: Get direct alerts on Discord for chestshop activities. Manage with /chestshop discord.
    • Chestshop Benefits and Discounts: Share benefits and create discounts with /chestshop benefit and /chestshop discount.
    • Updated Quick PC Guide Book: Now with clickable links and commands. Receive the guide book with /guide or view virtually with /vguide.
    • Pets Remove Command: Added /pet remove to remove all active pets.
    • New Chat Placeholders: [resource], [chestshop], [health] for various in-game stats.
    • Bossbar for Resource Worlds: Toggle with /resourcebb.
    • NPC Update: Replaced sign shop NPC with a more helpful /help NPC.
    • Enhanced Chat Placeholders: [item] now shows item count, [playtime] includes AFK time.
    • New Scoreboard Features: Added PVP status, vote party count, as well as a new look!
    • JAVA and Bedrock Tags: Accessible with the command /tags.
    • Official Bedrock Voting Support: Include "." before username when voting.
    • Discord Channel Visibility Fix: Resolved issues with channels like #ticket-support not showing.
    • Restart Time Command: Check next restart with /restarttime.
  • ProtectorGPT Bot Improvements:
    • Discord Bot Redesign: I'm happy to announce that after weeks of professional development, our ProtectorGPT discord bot on discord has been fully redesigned from the ground up. It will now reply immediately in the #protectorgpt-chat channel, and can also be tagged in other channels for a response. It is up to date with all the server information.
    • In-Game ProtectorGPT Bot: We also now have a ProtectorGPT bot in-game, which can answer most questions a player may have regarding the server. This bot replaces the auto responses that were sent before, which often were sent when players were not asking a question. This in-game bot is still in Beta and I will be improving it in the next upcoming weeks.
  • Server Gameplay & Balance:
    • Removed /worth Command: No longer in use.
    • Anti-Xray: Re-enabled due to increased xraying.
    • Plot World Claim Limit: Maximum 6 plots per player.
    • Single Pet Limit: Use /pets to spawn only one pet at a time.
    • Disabled PVP in the AFK Warp: To ensure a peaceful AFK experience.
    • Vehicle Shop Pricing Update: Adjusted vehicle costs in the in-game shop.
    • Increased RTP Cooldown: 12-second cooldown for all worlds with /wild or /rtp.
    • Block Type Limits: Updated limits for pistons, sticky pistons, and observers to 32 within a single chunk.
    • PVP Warp Changes: Removed ProtectNamedMobs claimflag. Mobs with name tags will now take damage.
    • Server Mechanics Wiki Update: Updated the Server Mechanics Wiki with all the new mechanics and additions.
    • Player Particle Adjustments: Now unlocked at lapis tier, reduced styles, and max limit set to 2 to prevent lag.
    • Updated Default Warning Time: Now 7 days, extended from the previous 3 days.
    • Player Warps Cleanup: Removed some player warps that were inactive or not fitting for the list.
    • Online Store Additions: New vehicles and cosmetics which include hovering pets, head banners, death effects, arrows, balloons, and more! These are all purely cosmetic and can be accessed through the /cosmetics GUI menu. Available at https://protectorscraft.us/store/
  • Important Notices:
    • Seller Minions Issue: Sell Minions are not selling items due to shop system changes. Devs are working on a fix.

As always, thank you for being a vital part of our ProtectorsCraft community. Keep crafting and most importantly, keep protecting!
All these new features and commands are fully documented in our updated Wiki.
Wiki: http://protectorscraft.us/wiki/commands

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