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ProtectorsCraft Unveils Duel System, Clan Upgrades, and More!
3 minute read

Hello Protectors!
Winter is near, and we're thrilled to bring you new updates, enhancements, and features to elevate your ProtectorsCraft experience. Let's dive into what's new!

  • Duel System Launch:
    • New System: Introducing the Duel System! Challenge other players in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 battles. Use /duelgui to access the Duels GUI and start your duel!
    • Commands: Use commands like /duel start, /duel stop, /duel create, and more to manage your duels and teams. Check /duel help for all commands.
    • Note: Ensure your inventory is empty before starting a duel!
  • Clan System Enhancements:
    • Clan Bases: Clan leaders can now set a home location for their clan with /clan sethome. Members can teleport to the clan home using /clan home.
    • Promotion/Demotion: Clan leaders can now use /clan promote and /clan demote to manage clan members' ranks.
    • Additional Commands: Explore new commands like /clan rank to view your own clan rank and /clan ranks to view everyone's rank in your clan.
  • System and Interface Updates:
    • Claim Transfers: Use /transferclaim to transfer your claim to another player.
    • NoBlockForm Claimflag: Added to prevent unwanted block formation/spread.
    • GUI Enhancements: Updated GUIs for /claimdashboard, /flagsdashboard, /claimlist and added new GUIs for Mini-Games (/minigames), Plots (/plotgui) and Duels (/duelgui).
    • New Discord Commands: Use /ender, /inv, /item mainhand, and many more commands in #showoff and #bot-commands channels to show off your in-game inventory right on Discord!
    • Bedrock 1.20.41: The server is now compatible with Bedrock version 1.20.41!
  • Rules & Community Guidelines:
    • Economic Fairness Rule: New rule against giving new players unfair advantages. Check it in #rules on Discord, on our website, or use /rules in-game.
    • NPC Updates: Added 5 more NPCs at spawn, including Duels, Game Hub, and more. NPCs are now also more interactive!
    • The End World: Spawn claim in The End is now public for Ender Dragon battles.
    • Server Mechanics Wiki: More details added at ProtectorsCraft Server Mechanics.
  • Fixes and Adjustments:
    • Donor Rank Prices: Increased due to higher server maintenance costs, when we first came out with the donor rank pricing it was 2 years ago and the monthly server costs were under $20, now it is quadruple that price.
    • KOTH and PVP Warp: In the KOTH arena and PVP warp, PVP will be enabled by default. Players cannot disable PVP in these regions.
    • Particle Effects: Limited to one effect per player to reduce client lag.
    • Bot Reply Fix: In-game bot replies are now correctly sequenced.
    • Shop Item Fixes: Fixed some items in the sign shop.
    • KOTH Time Change: Now at 11:30 AM CDT instead of 11:30 PM CDT.
    • Crate Interaction: Fixed an issue with crates at spawn.
    • Website Flagging: Typing our website in chat is no longer flagged as an ad.
    • Server Restart Notifications: Manual Server Restarts will now be broadcasted in-game and on the #server-restart channel.
    • Item Drop Changes: Removed auto-clearing of item drops every few minutes, they will now despawn naturally.

We thank you all for being a vital part of ProtectorsCraft. Have fun exploring these new updates, and as always, happy crafting and keep protecting!

For detailed commands and information, refer to our Commands Wiki.
Commands Wiki: http://protectorscraft.us/wiki/commands

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