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Boo! ProtectorsCraft's Spook-tacular Features, Fixes, and Halloween Hunt!
2 minute read

Hello Protectors!
October is in full swing and Halloween is almost here! We're excited to roll out more improvements, fixes, and fresh features to take your gameplay to new heights. Let's dive right in!

  • Command & System Additions:
    • Version Updates: ProtectorsCraft is now compatible with 1.20.2 for JAVA players and 1.20.40 for Bedrock.
    • Plots System: Claim and customize your land! More details can be found in our wiki.
    • Perks System: Activate server-wide perks lasting 60 seconds! Explore perks like Increased Speed, Fire Walker, and more.
    • Command & Chat Cooldown: Ensuring a spam-free environment.
    • Halloween Special: Redeem your Halloween voucher in-game.
    • Chat Placeholders: Players can now interactively use in-game placeholders.
    • View Distance Enhanced: Broader view of the world with increased server view distance.
    • Pumpkin Hunt: A Halloween-themed event thanks to Nihaya.
    • Vote Rewards System: Earn points for voting and redeem them for items!
    • Ancient Command: Additional functionalities for Ancient tier users.
    • New Compass Command: Find your viewing direction in-game.
    • New Clan Toggle Command: Switch between chat channels in-game.
  • System and Interface Changes/Fixes:
    • Weekly Crate Key Update: Switched the key to avoid accidental throws.
    • RTP Fix: No more teleporting to random Nether spots.
    • Shop Additions: New items have been added to the shop.
    • Redstone Items: Now available in the misc section of the shop.
    • Tournament Shift: Swapped craft tournaments with playtime.
    • Auction House Rules: Updated rules on items that can be auctioned.
    • Crate Interactions: Improved interaction mechanics with crates.
    • AFK Warp Fix: Improved reward mechanics.
    • Infractions Page: A new tracking feature on our website, viewable here.
    • Donor Commands: Improved functionalities for donors.
    • Clan Channel on Discord: Check out #find-a-clan for options!
  • Rules & Wiki Updates:
    • ProtectorsCraft Wiki: Updated information about systems. Visit here for more details.
  • Server Promotion:
    • Promotional Listing: We have secured another promotional slot on TopG!
  • Community Highlights:
    • Halloween Spawn Transformation: Thanks to Nihaya for the Halloween-themed makeover!

Thank you all for being a big part of ProtectorsCraft. Dive into the new features, and as always, happy crafting, and keep protecting!
Commands Wiki: http://protectorscraft.us/wiki/commands

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