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ProtectorsCraft's Latest: From KOTH Battles to Mini-Games And Beyond!
4 minute read

Hello Protectors!
It has been a bit since we last posted an update announcement, but we've been hard at work in the background! With this update, we've brought more improvements, fixes, and new features to expand your experience. Let's dive right in!

  • Command & System Additions:
    • KOTH System: Engage in weekly King of the Hill (KOTH) battles! The first game starts on Sunday at 11:30 PM CDT and will continue every week at the same day and time as long as there are more than 10 players online. Check /koth help for more info.
    • Mini-Games System: Enjoy singleplayer and multiplayer games like Soccer, Pool, Tic Tac Toe, Connect4 and more! Warp to the GameHub using /warp GameHub.
    • Chat Feelings System: Express emotions in chat! Use commands like /hug, /facepalm, /dab and more. Explore all chat feelings using /feelings.
    • Events on Discord: Stay updated with KOTH events and more future events in the #server-events channel. To get notified of new Events, get the @Events role from the Channels & Roles channel.
    • Inventory Full Alerts: Receive sound alerts and notifications when your inventory is full after breaking a block or killing a mob. Can be toggled off with /inventoryfull toggle.
    • Warp Updates: Six new server warps have been added to /warpGUI.
    • Vote Rewards: Added XP to voting rewards.
    • Teleport Cooldowns: Added a /tpa command cooldown of 30 seconds and /tpahere command cooldown of 15 seconds.
    • No Fly Claimflag: Added the NoFly claimflag using the /setclaimflag command.
    • Max Minions Update: Increased the maximum number of minions you can have placed down to 4 minions, up from the previous limit of 3.
  • System and Interface Changes/Fixes:
    • Server Shop Additions: Poppies, blue orchids, and calcite have been added to /shop.
    • Chest Shop Search: Use '/finditem' to search chest shops server-wide. Buying and selling specific items has never been easier!
      • /finditem TO_BUY [item] - Find a specific chest shop item to buy
      • /finditem TO_SELL [item] - Find a specific chest shop item to sell
      • /finditem hideshop - Hide your shop from being found using the finditem command
      • /finditem revealshop - Add your shop to be found using the finditem command
    • Restart Times Adjusted: Restarts are now synced to 12 am NY time again.
    • Inventory Showcase: Added [inv] and [ender] chat placeholders to show off your inventories in chat. Note: Bedrock players cannot use this feature due to bedrock limitations.
    • Chat HP Display: Added [HP] chat placeholder to show off your HP in chat.
    • XP Display: XP level now shows up next to XP in the XP chat placeholder, it now appears as 3883 XP (33 XP levels).
    • Shop & Safety Fixes: Armorsmith quests and XP bottles from the Tinkerer have been fixed and should work seamlessly now.
    • Ping Tolerance: No more auto-kicks for high ping during lag spikes.
    • Discord Account Linking: Easier access to the @PC. bot for account linking on Disocrd. The bot now has a @Sync role and appears at the top of the discord player list.
    • Redstone Tier Addition: Added commands /invsort and /chestsort for auto-sorting player inventories.
    • Auction House Price Cap: Decreased the maximum price for an item to be sold in the auction house to 99 million.
  • Moderation and Game Balance:
    • Private Channels: Donors and Netherite tier players can now chat in private channels between Discord and in-game. Account needs to be synced to discord for this to work.
    • Improved Ticket System: An upgraded ticketing system in ⁠ticket-support helps provide a more streamlined experience with categorized forms.
    • Clan Channels: Players with clans of more than 5 members can now request their own private clan channel and clan role on our Discord. Once established, any member who joins the clan and has their Discord account linked to our server will automatically be granted the clan role, giving them access to the private clan channel. As of now, the top 5 clans already enjoy their private channels on our Discord server.
    • Server Logs: Interested in server-restart logs? Check them out in the ⁠#server-restart discord channel.
  • Rules & Wiki Updates:
    • New In-Game Rules: Added rules related to Land Claim Proximity, TP Requests, TP Trap Killing, and Account Limitations. View them in #rules, our website, or in-game using /rules.
    • Server Mechanics Wiki: Added a new page on our wiki to help players better understand server mechanics like mob limits and server specifications. Check it out here.
    • Added Many Systems on Wiki: Added many missing and new systems to our wiki page for clarity. These include the PVP System, Player Shop System, Player Tiers System, Custom Enchantments System, Discord Sync System, Auction House System, Trade System, Pets System, KOTH System, Mini-Games System, Server Voting System, and Chat Feelings System. These have all also been added to the /help command in-game.
  • Server Promotion: Exciting news! We secured a promo slot on minecraft-mp.com which goes live starting October 17th, 2023 03:00 PM EST and will stay up for a month.
  • Community Highlights:
    • Admin Promotions: A huge shout-out to Nihaya and Addy for being promoted to @Admin!
    • Active Role Awards: Players who have been the most active these past few weeks have been given the @Active role on Discord.

Thank you all for being a part of the ProtectorsCraft community. And as always, happy crafting, and keep protecting!

Commands Wiki: http://protectorscraft.us/wiki/commands
Server Mechanics Wiki: https://protectorscraft.us/wiki/server-mechanics

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