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Calling All Protectors! Don't Miss Our Latest Features and Updates!
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Hello Protectors!

We're always working hard to bring you the best experience on ProtectorsCraft. With each update, we aim to improve and bring new features for you to enjoy. Here are the latest updates:

  • System and Interface Changes/Fixes:
    • PVP System: A brand-new PVP system has been added! Enable or disable PVP on a per-player basis. This comes with protections against TNT, potion effects, and more. New players get a 5-minute protection when they first join. Commands include: /pvp [on/off], /pvpinfo [player], and /pvpstatus [player].
    • Tournament System: Check out our new tournament system! Compete in server-wide events for rewards, players are automatically added to the tournament. The top 3 players at the end of each week get special prizes. Use /tournament to access the GUI.
    • Time & Weather Voting System: Players can now vote to change the time or weather using /voting.
    • Pets: They're back! Use /pets gui to spawn your favorite companions.
    • XP from Minions: The ability to extract XP from minions has been restored! We resolved a glitch that allowed XP duplication.
    • Sell Wands: Added selling wands that sell items in chests. Available in the sign shop at /warp shop. Choose between 100x uses or unlimited uses wands!
    • Auction House Limit: Players can now list a maximum of 15 items at once in the auction house.
    • Ammo Slot Issue: Fixed the ammo slot not showing for the slowness turret.
    • World Border Added: A world border has been set in the overworld at around 90K blocks.
    • PVP Warp: Fixed the issue of PVP not being enabled here.
    • Anti-Cheat System: The kick/warn messages now come with reasons and descriptions.
    • Boom Enchant: Players can no longer grief and kill mobs in other player's claims using this enchant.
    • Mob Count Increased: We've increased the global mob count by 2.5x for all mobs, excluding Iron Golems and Piglins.
    • Custom Enchants XP: Due to the increase in mob count, the XP required for custom enchants has been updated. Common stayed at 25 XP levels, Epic is 40, Mythical is 75, and Legendary is 100 XP levels.
    • New Custom Enchants: Find them in the /enchanter menu.
    • Anti-Spam and Anti-Curse: We've revamped our filters! Any offensive messages will not be sent, and players will be asked to refrain.
    • Weekly Rewards: The weekly reward money in /rewards has been bumped up to $1000.
    • Auto-Replies: We've added auto-replies for frequently asked in-game questions. Let the bot guide you!
    • Bedrock Players Update: Good news for bedrock players on version 1.20.3; you can now join the server.
    • Rank Colors: Admin and moderator rank colors in-game have been adjusted to match closer with Discord role colors.
    • Inventory Full Alert: When purchasing a spawner from /shop, if your inventory is full, it will now drop to the ground rather than not giving anything.
    • Colored Signs: Players can now add colored text on signs using Minecraft's color codes.
    • Iron Golem Limit: A max limit of 6 Iron Golems can now be present at once within a claim.
    • Piglin Limit: A max limit of 12 Piglins can now be present at once within a claim.
    • Auction House Notifications: If an item you listed on the auction house sells while you're offline, you'll be notified upon your return.
    • Teleportation: Fixed issues with /back, /tpa request, and /tpa accept teleporting players to either way above or below the player.
    • Claim NameTagged Mobs: All new and existing claims will have the ProtectNamedMobs claim flag enabled by default.
    • TNT Placement: Fixed the issue preventing players from placing TNT in unclaimed areas.
  • Moderation and Game Balance:
    • Anti-X-Ray: Implemented a solution to deter players from using x-ray to see ores through walls.
    • Chest Shop Management: Players can now set item limits, add staff, transfer ownership, and more to their chest shops.
  • Command Additions:
    • PVP Commands: /pvp [on/off], /pvpinfo [player], /pvpstatus [player].
    • Chest Shops Additions:
      • /chestshop setowner [player]
      • /chestshop staff add/del/clear/list
      • /chestshop limit set/unset/period
    • Donor Chat: /donorchat (message).
    • Teleport Toggle: /tptoggle.
    • Clan Tags: /tags and /clan setcolor (color code).
    • Party Chat: /party toggle.
    • Skin Change: /skin set (URL or Player name).
    • Real Name: /realname (nick) - Use this to view the real name of players with a nickname.
    • Nick Cooldown: Added a 12-hour cooldown for using /nick.
    • Pets GUI: /pets gui.
    • Sell GUI: Resolved the issue with /sellgui not working.
    • Player Voting: /voting.
    • Tournament: /tournament.
  • Discord Updates:
    • New Channels: Introducing #off-topic and #community-support for all your off-topic chatting and questions.
    • Roulette Channel: Messages not in the correct format are now auto-removed to keep the #roulette channel clean.
    • Discord Sync: Players can now sync their in-game ranks with Discord. Use /discord link in-game and send the code to the @PC#7628 bot.
    • Active Role: The most active players will be awarded the @Active role on Discord. One winner every week!
  • Staff Changes:
    • New Helpers: Welcome Natasha and Chickenking9080 to our team as Helper.
    • Promotion: Congrats to Sosa on his promotion to the Moderator position.
    • Departure: Best of luck to our former Moderator Clonestones, who stepped away due to his studies.
  • Thank you for all your suggestions and ideas. Keep crafting, and as always, keep protecting! :shield:
  • Commands Wiki:
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