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ProtectorsCraft Hits 1,000 Unique Players: New Features, Changes, and More!
3 minute read

Hello Protectors!
We hope you're all enjoying your time on ProtectorsCraft. It's been a fantastic few days with an influx of new members joining our community and recently hitting our 1,000 unique player joins! We has been monitoring gameplay and server performance closely, and we've got some important updates to discuss. Let's jump in!

  • System and Interface Changes/Fixes:
    • XP Timer Removed In AFK Region: The XP timer at the AFK Warp has been removed, players found a glitch that kept the XP even after they left the area.
    • Weapons and Armor Metadata: Items will now display who crafted or found them, along with the date and time.
    • Fixed Crate Textures: Updated GUI textures for common, uncommon, and legendary keys.
    • Wizard Crate Key Update: The item for the wizard crate key has been changed to a feather from an enchanting bottle to prevent it from being accidentally thrown on the ground.
    • Bedrock Command Suggestions: Command suggestions now appear when typing commands for our Bedrock players.
    • Spawner Placement: Fixed an issue preventing certain spawners from being placed.
    • Thank System: Introducing our new Thank System! You can now thank helpful players in-game. Use /thank [player] (reason) to thank someone. More details are in our Commands Wiki. Players with the most amount of thanks will receive special rewards as a thank you (players who farm and abuse this system will not receive any rewards)!
  • Moderation and Game Balance:
    • Sleep Requirement Lowered: Reduced from 50% required to sleep to 20% of all players.
    • Offline Warning Alert: Players will be alerted if they were warned while offline when logging back in.
    • /friend jump Disabled: The /friend jump command has been disabled to prevent players from teleporting to others without teleport requests.
    • Keep Inventory at Spawn: Keep Inventory has now been enabled in the spawn area, now every world in our server has Keep Inventory enabled.
  • Economy:
    • Varied Money-Earning Activities: Even though spawners have been a popular way to earn money, we encourage players to explore other ways to earn money as well such as jobs, quests, and more. We designed these features to add variety and excitement to your ProtectorsCraft experience, and we hope you enjoy them!
    • Regarding Generosity: While generosity is great, giving large sums of money freely to players who ask for money makes grinding for activities less rewarding and meaningful. It's not against the rules, and will never be, but it could take away the thrill of grinding.
    • Donator Rank Money Increased: Slightly increased the money received when buying a donator rank.
    • Server Shop: The sign shop is back! Use /warps shop to visit.
    • Enchanter Menu: Slightly increased the XP levels required for getting custom enchantments.
  • Command Additions:
    • /availableclaimflags: Shows available claim flags players can set within their claim.
    • /mobhologram: Toggle mob health display above a mob in-game.
    • /thank: Interact and view the Thank System with this new command.
  • Community Feedback:
    • If you discover any bugs or glitches, please reach out to us directly. Your feedback is invaluable for continuous improvement.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we work to make ProtectorsCraft a fun and fair server for all.
And as always, happy crafting, and keep protecting!
Commands Wiki: http://protectorscraft.us/wiki/commands

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