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Your Favorite Server, But Better: New Features, Commands, and More!
3 minute read

Hello Protectors!
We've been hard at work to make your ProtectorsCraft experience even better, and we're excited to share a whole bunch of updates. Let's dive right in!

  • System and Interface Changes:
    • Flipped Tag and Tier Prefix: We've adjusted the sequence of tag and tier prefixes in the chat to make it easier to read.
    • Enhanced Staff Identification: Staff Rank and Tags will now display above a player's name in-game.
    • Nether RTP Issues Resolved: Fixed the issue where players were teleported to the Nether roof when using /rtp or /wild in the nether.
  • Moderation and Punishments:
    • Temporary Warning System: Players will now receive a temporary warning after being kicked for cursing or by the anti-cheat system.
    • Public Punishments: In-game punishments like kicks, warnings, bans, or mutes will now be displayed to all players.
  • New Commands:
    • /vote ToggleBroadcast: Choose whether you want to receive vote broadcasts.
    • /ignore [player]: Ignore or unignore players.
    • /list: See who's online.
    • /ping: Check your current ping.
    • /rules: Quick access to server rules.
    • /togglechat: Opt-out of receiving chat messages.
    • /togglePM: Block private messages.
  • Discord Integration:
    • Enhanced Onboarding: Our Discord now offers a smoother experience for new players with enabled onboarding and a welcome screen.
    • Role Updates: All users now automatically get the Community role and no longer receive the Protector role on Discord.
    • Added Platform Roles: Choose your preferred platform, Bedrock or JAVA from the Channels & Roles channel on Discord.
  • Gameplay and Mechanics:
    • Discord Bot Ranks and Coins Database Restore: Restored a backup for the ProtectorsCraft Discord bot which includes the levels and coins for players from 2020, combined with the database that currently exists.
    • Staff Kits and Rewards: Added weekly staff kits and rewards for our hardworking staff.
    • Vote Party Increase: Increased vote party count to 40 votes.
    • Villager Mechanics FIXED: Villagers will now pick new jobs easily similar to vanilla Minecraft.
    • Updated Server Rules: We've relaxed many restrictions, including removing max farm limits. Updated rules can be found in #rules.
  • Special Additions:
    • Friends System: Add, message, or jump to your friends. Type /Friends to get the friends help menu in-game.
    • Party System: Create, join, or chat in a party. Type /Party to get the party help menu in-game.
    • Clan System: Form clans, invite members, and much more. Type /Clan to get the clan help menu in-game.
    • ChatPlaceholders System: Make your chats more interactive with a variety of placeholders.
  • User Experience:
    • New Commands for Starters: Use /gettingstarted for a brief starter information.
    • Updated Help Menu: Overhauled the /help command.
    • Announcement for Leveling Up: An announcement will be displayed to the server when a player levels up using /tier.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • AFK Warp Region Fixed
    • Fixed Duplicate Welcome Messages
    • /bedrock command fixed for Bedrock players
    • Parkour System Fixed
    • Players can now access /pwarp category
  • Staff Changes:
    • New Helper: Welcome @christel_mila_76496 to our team as a Helper.
    • Promotion: @Clonestones#4241 has been promoted to a Moderator position.
  • Server Promotion Slot: We've secured another promotional slot on TopG, a vote listing site, for the next 15 days!

Enjoy these new features, and as always, keep protecting!
All these new features and commands are fully documented in our updated Wiki.
Wiki: http://protectorscraft.us/wiki/commands

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