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Join the Battle with New Updates in ProtectorsCraft!
2 minute read

Hello Protectors!
Our latest updates bring even more fun and excitement to ProtectorsCraft. Here's what's new:

  • Mention Players In-Game: You can now alert other players by mentioning them in-game using @username. Give it a try and stay connected!
  • Introducing MobArena: Join the battle in our new MobArena with 30 waves of mobs. After every 5 waves there is a different stage:
    • Stage 1 - Slime: Prepare to bounce back against slimes!
    • Stage 2 - Undead: Face the restless undead creatures!
    • Stage 3 - Pillagers: Defend against the ruthless pillagers!
    • Stage 4 - Nether: Survive the fiery challenges of the Nether!
    • Stage 5 - End: Conquer the mysterious End creatures!
    • Stage 6 - Bonus Round: Engage all bosses from each level in this epic finale!
    Enjoy rewards after each stage is beaten and a big surprise reward after all 30 waves. To visit, simply type /pwarp MobArena or /warps MobArena. To start a game type /ama join.
  • Minions Update: The minions' price in the store has been slightly increased, and we have added more levels for you to upgrade them. In-depth upgrade information is attached to this post.
  • Changes to Donor Rewards: We've shifted the donor rewards from daily to weekly for rank rewards. This ensures that you can continue to enjoy exclusive perks and rewards at a balanced pace.
  • Added /renamehome Command: Organizing your homes just got easier with the new /renamehome command. Feel free to customize and manage your homes effortlessly.
  • New Commands for Ease of Access:
    • /wiki: Sends a link to the ProtectorsCraft Wiki website.
    • /kit: Lets users get kits they have access to.
  • Player Inventory and Build Safety: Your player inventory is now periodically saved, and admins can roll it back if needed. We also provide rollback for builds and claims in case a griefer destroys your land.
  • Removed Selling of Armor and Tools: Armor and tools are no longer sold when using /sell all or in the /shop.
  • Simplified Wizard Crate Key Usage: Open Wizard Crate keys simply by tapping on the ground with the key.
  • New Purchasable Commands Wiki Page: Find all information about purchasable commands with in-game money here: https://protectorscraft.us/wiki/game-commands/purchasable-commands
  • Server Showcased by YouTubers: A few YouTubers have featured our server in their videos. Check them out below:
  • Media Article: We're also excited to share a media article featuring our server: https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/news/getnews/experience-the-ultimate-online-semi-vanilla-survival-adventure-at-protectorscraft-minecraft-server

These updates are designed to make your gaming experience more enjoyable and engaging. And as always, keep protecting!
Server Commands: http://protectorscraft.us/wiki/commands

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